American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V.
"Oh, the places you'll go!"


1. Who can become a member of ASLAA? / Do I have to be an alumni to join ASLAA?

There are currently three types of membership of ASLAA: student membership, alumni membership, and institutional membership. Accordingly, you do not have to be an alumni to join ASLAA. If you are currently unemployed, you are eligible to sign up for a student membership for a reduced rate. Please indicate your preferred kind of membership on your membership application.


2. How can I join / become a member of ASLAA?

Simply print out the membership application and send the completed form to:


Institut für Amerikanistik
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

3. What benefits come from my membership at ASLAA? 

ASLAA e.V. is run by ambitious volunteers determined to provide events and services to ASL students and alumni to fulfil their professional goals. By volunteering at ASLAA, you not only have the opportunity to connect to professionals in different fields of interest, but you can improve your CV. Your volunteer work with ASLAA will show employers that you care for your community. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn essential career skills including event organization, promotion and social media, graphic design, as well as networking. You will also be part of a young team, making volunteering together fun! 


4. I am a student. What opportunities are available to me? 

As a student you are eligible for a student membership which gives you access to all benefits of ASLAA for a reduced rate. You will have the opportunity to connect with professionals and alumni in your fields of interests early on in your academic career. In addition, you will have the opportunity to join all events hosted by ASLAA, be it workshops, roundtables, or networking parties.  


5. I am not an ASL graduate, but want to be involved with ASLAA activities. Does the ASLAA offer affiliate memberships? // company membership? 

You can also become a member of ASLAA even if you are not officially a graduate of American Studies Leipzig. You may find a description of how to become a member of ASLAA under Get Involved or question 2. If you would like to become a member as a company or institution, please indicate your preferred membership on the application form. 


6. Are membership fees tax deductible? 

We are able to issue proof of your donation, however, please check with your tax adviser for your particular situation. 


7. How are membership fees used? 

Membership fees are mainly used to fund our events. This includes printing costs for event promotion and event materials as well as drinks and snacks for our guests. Additionally, we partly cover the expenses of our annual graduation ceremony with membership fees. 


8. How do I change my physical address or other information with ASLAA? 

Simply update your contact information by sending us an email at  


9. Who do I contact if I have questions about my membership? 

Our secretary Sandra Rath is responsible for all things concerning memberships. Feel free to contact her at


10. I need to show proof of my membership, can I get a confirmation? 

Yes. If you need proof of your membership, for example to attach it to an application, we are happy to issue that. Just send us an e-mail at


11. I would like to give back to the ASL community, what other options do I have besides becoming a member of ASLAA? 

Besides becoming a member of ASLAA, there a several options to give back to the ASL community. An easy way to give back is by donating to ASLAA, either as single installment or by adding a regular donation to your membership fees. Another option, especially for alumni, is hosting a roundtable where you share your professional path and experience. In addition, we are also always happy to hear further ideas you might have for ASLAA. 


12. How can I stay up-to-date with ASLAA activities? Is there a mailing list? 

There is currently no mailing list. We are working on it and hope to provide one soon. However, you can easily stay up-to-date by connecting with ASLAA on our social media channels. 


13. I was not able to find the answer to my question on the webpage. How can I contact ASLAA? 

If you have any other question, you can reach us via email at or via direct message on our social media channels.